Anyone teaching Greek in Platanias/Chania?

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Anyone teaching Greek in Platanias/Chania?

Postby EvaFW » Fri May 25, 2018 10:43 am

Hey, I'm living in Crete this summer and I'm looking for someone to teach me Greek. I'm living in Platanias, so that would be preferable, but anywhere on the bus route between Platanias and Chania would work :D

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Re: Anyone teaching Greek in Platanias/Chania?

Postby johnincrete » Wed Jun 27, 2018 11:13 am

1. Unless you are a linguist, it will take longer than a few months in summer to learn Greek
2. There are many online courses, one of which may offer a starter session. Many are brilliant but take some time. Learn the alphabet and letter combinations so you can give a good try to words
3. My observation is that you need to learn words and to hell with the grammar i.e. speak like a Greek! Go into a taverna in a quiet time and learn what the menu means! Go places where the Greeks go - they are amazing at how patient they are with Brits
4. All formal courses will be closed in the summer
5. Cannot recommend anyone as informal teachers as they are out for pin money and pay no tax or IKA. You might find someone in a taverna but beware of paying upfront.

Good luck

PS I find it difficult to speak Greek because as soon as I try to say something in Greek, the reply is in English!

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