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Try out a new flashcard app

Posted: Tue Mar 01, 2011 1:14 am
by MikeyF
Hello all,

I'm working on a new flashcard website/app/platform/etc. called Kleio. Its not specific to Italian, but it will work for any language. It consists of two parts: a spaced repetition flashcard learning app, and a community for sharing flashcards.

We're in early testing, but it is definitely usable and useful, and so far our testers say that its working well for them. We have no Greek users yet, so if you want to be the first, I would be delighted!

Take a look here:

Of course its free, and I think you'll find it quite different from what exists today :D. Also, feel free to pass on that link to anyone that you think could use it. I'm happy to hear any and all feedback!

Looking forward to hearing from you,