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Postby evansmr1 » Sun Oct 17, 2021 1:20 pm

My WIfe used to buy Smoothies and bars from Exante to help her control her weight. Everything was good until this Year. Exante will no longer deliver to Greece as they only had 2 customers and must now provide details of each product in Greek. Exante in Germany and Italy also will not deliver to Greece. Visitors this year would bring some supplies and following a recent visit we bought back almost a case full. But we cannot continue in this way. I have managed to source her Breakfast bars, whilst not the same as Exante are as good and a similar price.
Smoothies are the problem, Exante produce them in powder form, the user then uses water to produce the product. I am having great difficulty finding a replacement Supplier within the EU who will ship to Greece. We found a couple, Holland & Germany, but they were expensive and with one of the Supplier's, the User was expected to accept a monthly supply. Neither Supplier met my Wife's expectation in taste or variety.

Anyone know of a Supplier that produces the drink in a powder form much like Exante?. I would be eternally grateful as it would get her off my "back".
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