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Re: White goods

Postby jandis » Mon Jan 20, 2020 1:24 am

You're quite correct Kilkis, there is no Media Markt in Crete. I just goggled 'Media Markt Heraklion' and up came a map showing it but didn't look any further - my apologies for giving duff information. I did find a reference that a few years ago there was planned to be a linkup between the real Media Markt and Public but don't know if it came to anything.

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Re: White goods

Postby Kilkis » Mon Jan 20, 2020 12:22 pm

Quite often if you search for something like a store the first thing Google presents you with is a map. In general, if you Google something, like Media Markt, together with a place name, Google presents you with a map showing marker(s) for the thing you were looking for and a marker for the place name. Usually the markers are different but it does appear as though there is one of the things you are searching for in that place. If you intend to look at a map, it is better to just Google the thing you want without a place name and then the map will only show markers for that thing. Obviously if you are not going to use the map and you intend to look further down the list at other results, adding the place can be useful.


PS The above is a general comment not any form of criticism.

PPS You are correct about the Media Markt and Public tie up, Jandis. This article dated 2 December 2019 announces that the implementation of the joint venture partnership between Media Markt and Public is beginning.

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