Medical services

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Medical services

Postby Howard » Mon Aug 24, 2020 6:27 am

My friend is quite ill with quite an assortment of symptoms. She recently spent a day at the hospital following emergency admission as she had collapsed unconscious and was taken there by ambulance. After various tests they said that she had potassium deficiency causing the fainting. They wanted her to be admitted for further tests and monitoring but she refused. She was an inpatient there a few years ago and swears that she will never go back in there again. My question is, if she wants to access private medicine in Chania what is the route? Because she has at least 3 serious medical issues (not obviously connected) there is no point in going directly to a private consultant specialist so is the way to do it by going to a local GP first? If so, any recommendations please (she lives in Kalyves but can travel anywhere for a good one). Thanks.
P.S. She is Austrian so no potential Brexit complcations.

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Re: Medical services

Postby Yin&Yang » Mon Aug 24, 2020 9:29 am

When my husband has required operations, he has visited our doctor who recommends a consultant specialising in the specific field of medicine required, who then carries out tests/discusses operation etc. The consultant will then ask if the operation/care comes under IKA or is private. If taking the IKA route then the cost will be discussed. If taking the private route, again the cost will be discussed, typically split, i.e. the cost to the medical facility and the cost paid directly to the consultant. I hope that this helps.
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Re: Medical services

Postby Kilkis » Mon Aug 24, 2020 9:53 am

If she is prepared to pay for private treatment why not go directly to Gavralakis clinic on Marko Botsari. It is a fully equipped hospital with many specialist doctors on site and others who practise in their own offices but can be brought in for consultations/operations. They also have all the modern diagnostic equipment, e.g. CT and MRI scanners. I and many friends have gone there directly with no GP referral when we were ill. I've walked in off the street at around 10 am and walked out before 3 pm having had a minor operation to remove an infected cyst.

If she is resident on Crete make sure she tells them that. If she has to be admitted I think they charge residents less than visitors. Also if she has IKA she might get a reduction on many tests.

The only downside is that, at present, I think she would have to have a compulsory COVID swab test costing €100.


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