suggestions wanted - donation / south-west

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suggestions wanted - donation / south-west

Postby lDm » Thu May 06, 2021 5:45 pm

Hi everyone, I'm looking for suggestions for south Rethymno/Chania region - places that gladly accept donations.

I know about the expat library in Plakias, but cannot locate contacts / info's.

Not considering north coast (2nd hand shops / main church)
because in my previous experience it always got to "you visit, we look, we talk, we inspect together.." ie total time waste & not ideal in current social restrictions / safety distancing.

So I'm looking for options to pre-arrange a drop-off all things in one/safe place, knowing they will be distributed to those in need/in future.
(I've got various house items, toys, books, bicycle, clothes, plant pots, etc - all fit for use; reason for donation is down-sizing unnecessary/older items)

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