Battle of Britain promotion

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Battle of Britain promotion

Postby greengibble » Fri Sep 11, 2015 7:39 pm

To all our customers

All at Greengibble would like to thank you for sticking by us, even when stock was low. As you know, we’re now well stocked … and although it seems like no time at all, we’re celebrating our first year at the shop. Tuesday is also, significantly, 75 years on…
On that day in 1940, following devastating attacks 8 days before, the Luftwaffe launched massive raids against UK airfields to draw Fighter Command into a battle of annihilation, but Air Marshal Dowding had other ideas, and the day is celebrated as the turning of the tide. In honour of this momentous, historic day, we will be offering
Spitfire Ale at €2 a bottle (normally €3), and all other beers, wines and spirits at 10% off, to drink in or take away. We have lots of other special offers, including crisps and snacks.

Come and grab a bagful of bargains and join us in a one-off day of celebration.

From all at Greengibble

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