Do you use a telephone line Modem/Router?

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Do you use a telephone line Modem/Router?

Postby SatCure » Sat Oct 01, 2016 7:26 pm

Do you use a telephone line Modem/Router?

A reminder that the lightning season is upon us. Several modems in our village were destroyed by surges, a couple of weeks ago, and caused problems for their owners.

If your modem is damaged then - in theory - you can demand a replacement from your S.P. In practice, whenever there's a storm, the S.P.s quickly run out of stock and have to order more, which can take weeks. Also, after a storm, the S.P.'s phone number might not be answered for days.

In theory, the S.P. will provide a modem that is pre-programmed with your username and password. In practice they might not, so everyone should take this opportunity to make a permanent note of their username and password for the modem. This information used to be printed on a letter from the Service Provider but, more recently. it has been sent in a text message to a mobile phone. If you can't find it, ask your S.P. for it now, while they aren't as busy.

Finally, you can avoid all this hassle by installing a phone line surge protector. Note, however, that these are for use once only because they are sacrificial. Consequently, you should also keep a spare. (These can reduce your download speed to around 8 Mbps.)

The best protection is to unplug the cable from the phone socket whenever a storm is predicted. However, this works only if you are there to do it.

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