Apple Mac Users BBC/ITV

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Apple Mac Users BBC/ITV

Postby SatCure » Fri Oct 13, 2017 8:48 pm

If you use Get iPlayer Automator you might like to download and install the v1.9.7 update that fixes a few bugs. ... r/releases

I see no obvious differences except that the download progress display is no longer smooth but skips in 1.0% increments. Although it seems to be slower I suspect that this change means that it uses slightly fewer processor cycles and it might even be fractionally faster.


1. Click on to download the file. It will download to your default location (e.g. "Downloads".

2. Double click on the downloaded file to create an unzipped copy (folder).

3. From inside the folder, drag Get iPlayer to your Applications folder.

4. Launch GiA and click OK when the warning is displayed. It should now run as before, with all of your settings preserved.

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