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Re: Firefox Quantum

Postby filippos » Thu Nov 30, 2017 9:50 am

Kilkis wrote:................ I mean the sort of video clips you get on many web pages illustrating something, .....

I include those, especially those that auto-play which I find particularly irritating. My auto-response is to close those immediately; others I rarely view very rarely. I also find irritating the extracts from the video clips that are on continuous loop with an invitation to"View the full video". I don't.

As for films and TV, as you know, we don't have TV and for 16 years the only TV I've seen, let alone watched, has been in cafés where TV is pretty much ubiquitous and on holiday when 'Er Indoors finds the local weather forecast. Films? I've watched, maybe five on DVD, and three TV serials from the late 60s, six episodes each, borrowed from a friend.

About the only videos I watch are to do with photography; free hints and tips from top pros around the world, usually provide vie e-mailed links and three or four courses I've bought.

P.S. There were two DVDs, mentioned on another thread here, featuring alleged comedians. They were either returned to my sister or binned during a recent clear out of unwanted stuff.

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