Out of sequence Microsoft Update

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Out of sequence Microsoft Update

Postby paulh » Mon Mar 29, 2010 9:45 pm

Microsoft are releasing an emergency update to patch a hole in Internet Explorer. This is being released tomorrow 30th March when the next update should not have been until 13th April. Since they have one to get out they are bundling in a further 9 amendments and changes instead of waiting until the normal second Tuesday in the month.

This is likely to affect a lot of Windows users given that IE is fundamental to the way a lot of machines work.

So if your machine seems extra lumpy and bumpy over the next few days this could be the reason why

full details (after a fashion) are here http://blogs.technet.com/msrc/archive/2 ... -band.aspx

10am PDT (30th) which is when it is released is 7pm (30th) here in Crete, obviously it will pick the Updates up anytime you next have your machine on after that.

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