Just wondering...

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Just wondering...

Postby Kathleen » Sat Jul 07, 2018 12:07 pm

Just wondering if anyone else out there has an Indesit tumble dryer.

There was a safety recall on some of their models two years ago which received extensive publicity in UK. They were liable to catch fire! If you own one it may be worth checking up. I am not sure but some Hotpoint models may also be affected.

My dryer here, used only in the wet autumn and spring months was bought in 2006, when I bought my house. I entered the details on the Indesit safety website and it was one of those affected. On my return to Crete, last spring 2017, I entered the details on the Indesit EU Safety website. I spoke to one repair company and was referred to another. The engineer called and told me to log the details again, they would then be sent the modification kit and do my repair. Nothing happened up to last October despite chasing them up several times over the summer.

I contacted them again when I came out in May after logging the details yet again and finally went to see them at the workshop, only to be told the original repairers who I had spoken to were now the Indesit repair centre! An engineer came out and insisted the machine was safe. Since his English was not great and he was unable to understand the problem, I eventually spoke to the girl in the office and gave him a copy of the records in Greek, with the warning not to use the machine from Indesit, to pass on for her investigation.

Two weeks on and having more or less given up hope of any result, yesterday, amazingly, I received a phone call! 'We have spoken to Indesit and will collect your dryer tomorrow'. Hopefully, by the time I come back at the end of August it will be returned to me and safe!

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