Anyone else saddened by today`s activities?

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Anyone else saddened by today`s activities?

Postby RetiredRailwayWorker » Mon Mar 02, 2020 10:08 pm

kites stuck in the trees,kites floating in the sea ,discarded kites and string everywhere .None bio-degradeable I should think and very harmful to wildlife I would say! How can people be so ignorant not just in Greece but all over the world.

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Re: Anyone else saddened by today`s activities?

Postby Yin&Yang » Mon Mar 02, 2020 10:49 pm

I didn’t venture out today but yes, what a pity :cry:
Someday is now : )

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Re: Anyone else saddened by today`s activities?

Postby Kilkis » Tue Mar 03, 2020 12:40 am

If you visit any country in the world you will find the culture is different from the culture where you come from. Often it is exactly that difference in culture that makes some of us decide to live in that other country. Just as there are many things in your own culture that you don't like there will inevitably be things in the new culture that you don't like. You weigh the aspects you like against those that you don't like and decide if you wish to stay. The one thing that you can never do, as a visitor, is change the things in the culture that you don't like. Such is life.


PS With regard to kites the main difference between the UK and Greece is that traditionally a very high proportion of Greeks fly kites on Clean Monday and then don't fly them at all for the rest of the year. In the UK a minority of people fly kites but do so all year round. It is quite possible that over the space of a year just as many kites finish up hanging from trees or lost to the sea in the UK as do so in Greece. The difference is that they all happen on one day in Greece so they are more obvious than in the UK where thy are distributed over a longer period.

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Re: Anyone else saddened by today`s activities?

Postby Yin&Yang » Tue Mar 03, 2020 7:08 am

A good argument and observation Warwick.
Someday is now : )

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Re: Anyone else saddened by today`s activities?

Postby OliveTree » Tue Mar 03, 2020 2:45 pm

Yes, kites and other throw away 'junk' no doubt made in China. 'Disposable' barbeques are a particular annoyance of mine, with a newly installed picnic bench (cleverly made from recycled plastic bottles) in a local country park near me recently badly burnt by the inconsiderate goons who make use of these throwaway items. The problem is, it seems, that children/teenagers and their parents/grandparents have so much disposable income these days, that very little of what they buy is of any real value or worth, so they just throw it away or abandon it and buy another. Who cares.
There was a recent report of an extravagant UK wedding - no doubt completely over the top - where the bride was quite put-out when the authorities refused to allow her to launch 2000 'Chinese lanterns' into the sky (and ultimately the environment) to mark the occasion. This in the same week where a cow had to be destroyed after mistakenly consuming a lantern that had landed in its field and several roofs of country properties had been set alight by these flaming nuisances. I try not to despair...

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Re: Anyone else saddened by today`s activities?

Postby Kookla » Tue Mar 03, 2020 3:19 pm

Yes OliveTree, you beat me to it! Chinese lanterns are my bug bear too! Especially in the summer months with greater risks of fires.
I try very hard to live as a guest in my host country. I interact with Greek friends, speak, read and write Greek as much as I’m able. I respect and adhere to local ways of life.
Littering has always been a downfall. I pick it up and put it in a bin. I still believe that this is a generational thing here and that slowly the younger ones are being educated to be more aware and also more environmentally friendly.
I once picked up 48 styrofoam used frappe /coffee cups from the beach at Falasserna!This is not just when I live here, but in the UK and US too. It’s just how I was brought up.
Incidentally when I was in the UK between 2012-17 I was appalled at the rubbish at the side of the roads, which had been strewn from cars.

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Re: Anyone else saddened by today`s activities?

Postby Jeffstclair » Tue Mar 03, 2020 6:01 pm

Yes littering is a problem...I have a few older Cretan friends who I have worked with over the years picking grapes , harvesting olives , pruning , watering or whatever ,,you do a few hours work and someone says " it's coffee time " and various bags and boxes appear ...We all sit down and food and drink gets passed around ...we eat and chat about how well the trees, grapes or whatever look ...appreciative nods at the view ,country side etc ...then break over folk just stand up and walk away from the litter left on the ground ...plastic cups , fag packets , plastic water bottles and bags ...At this point I find a the biggest bag fill it ,and stuff it in the back of my pickup ...but I have witnessed folk filling a bag and then hanging it in a tree!...that is very odd.... When I was a kid we went camping as a family ..when we packed up the campsite to go home ..we did a hands and knees finger tip sweep of the site just before we left ...

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Re: Anyone else saddened by today`s activities?

Postby Cake » Tue Apr 07, 2020 11:51 am

Yea its a bit strange Greeks loving their country with pride but it doesn't really show when people throw plastics coffee mugs out of the car window. It's not just young people, old people as well. Think its a small percentage but still a bit weird.

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