Anyone exited about starlink internet?

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Re: Anyone exited about starlink internet?

Postby Cake » Sat Apr 17, 2021 9:42 pm

steven_0 wrote:Cake,

The vodofone abbo's that say unlimited are really unlimited.
The 1Mbit after 70GB is about most other providers who claim unlimited but have a cap.
As far as i could figure out, vodafone was the only one without the "fine print" about caps.

For landlines, the uploadspeed depends on the package. Only the 24Mbit packages have just 1Mbit upload.
At the 100Mbit cosmote package, there is 10Mbit upload.
But i agree, its not enough, especially nowadays with so many mobiles who send stuff to the cloud.
I can really see it at the hotels, the download is more then enough but the upload is sometimes struggling.
1 location took 2 lines, just to get the upload higher. The download never went over 45-60Mbit but the upload was almost constantly hitting the max.
So he took 2*100Mbit, and uses load balancing to get 20Mbit upload.

Some hotels were in a area were only 5-10Mbit came on the dsl.. They now have 100Mbit from another location via a wireless link.
Most of the times there are solutions to a problem ;)

I hope that starlink will offer lower speeds for a lower price, like 50Mbit for 50e/m.
That would really help out some area's where there is 0 chance on a decent fixed line. The startup fee will remain high but if you have nothing else..
The latency on starlink looks really good so far, but i wonder what will happen if they get a lot more users.

So yes for hotels with 2 expensive packages it might save a few euro and i believe 30mbps upload is of course better than 2x10.
Honestly i don't think they switch because a fixed line is 'always' stable.
Yes it is interesting if they bring cheaper packages, if that happens i think it will happen after the testing period.

In any case it is good to have some more competition in this market.
I am no longer in need of wireless internet but i will read back from time to time. Thanks al for the impressive input and by all means continue chatting. :wink:

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