Great excuse

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Great excuse

Postby jeansy » Thu Jul 24, 2008 3:40 pm

I went to register a boat with a customer last week which can be a drama at the best of times, but this time :lol: talk about taking the biscuit,
So we are in the ofice of the Port Police being watched with an evil eye by the ranking officer who just happens to be female, now having dealt with her on quite a few occasions I know it is going to go pear shaped at some time during the paperwork.
(One time I asked if I could borrow a pen as mine had run out of ink, so she gives me the pen tells me to go out of the office and fill in the forms which I do with a little help from a Greek friend, take the forms back and get a rollicking for filling in the form with black ink as it must be filled in with blue ink so they can photocopy it !! when I point out she lent me the pen I was told to leave and got the good old Avrio.) It ain't worth arguing so off I go with a big smile and an Ef Curisto poly. :wink:
Anyway I digress so I hand over all the paperwork ask for the forms and am told Oshi,
why says I
shrug of shoulders says she
scratch me head look at the paperwork for the boat and engine scratch me head again
in walks a customs officer looks at my paperwork and says problema
yes says I the nice officer behind the counter says Oshi
no problem says he the reason is, :lol: :lol:

We have no paper so come back in 6 weeks :cry:
that means if the boat is used we break the law
so the police will give me a ticket and a fine
so the boat cannot be used then
you can use it but keep the receipts on the boat and if you get a fine bring it here and I will talk to the senior officer of Heraklion and he will tear it up ok
OK says us and off we go
so far no dramas for the customer but guess what :?
my new boat arrives next week and I will have to go through all this again
please if you know a paper merchant please please send a lorry load to the Heraklion Port Police 8) 8) but do not give my name.

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Postby Lisa_Papakis » Tue Aug 05, 2008 7:46 pm

I think you need to give them some money.

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