Chat and items of interest about Crete and Greece.
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Cripes he's jumped out!

Postby Muttly » Sun Sep 09, 2007 3:20 am

So rather painfully we made our way back through the likes of Zimbabwe and eventually into Egypt. Then we got lost, compasses did not work and spun, all we could see was horizon, erg desert, then rocks, no sign of the Nile. Light was gradually falling.

We put out not quite a distress call but what the French would call today a PanPan. The Cpt of an Iranian SP747 (short bodied Boeing 747) answered and started looking for us doing a square pattern search. He had fuel in spades becuse it was cheap from the middle east. Next thing he locates us and has to lead us in square patterns into the lights of Cairo. No don't ask the desert at night is desperate.

Next after fluffing our way through it was Cairo to Crete. I'm sure it was Chania/Hania that was quite underdeveloped at the time. Next Athens and yet another strike. Always in and not out.

Athens to Rome and then Zurich and under arrest. If you want to know just how meticulous a bureaucracy can be try Switzerland. Bailed out by the holding company for the film company we went via Lyon, Calais and to Blackbushe.

So Dicky got another prop and "A Bridge Too Far" got made. I never had anything more to do with it but my Dutch mate says he was up front on one of the drop practices and I quote:

"What is the point of taking a fully serviceable aircraft into the air and jumping out of the bloody thing?"

Heady days.

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Postby Hudson » Sun Sep 09, 2007 7:52 am

Believe that and you'll belive Greek drivers are wonderful and courteous!

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