Strange ships off Falasarna?

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Strange ships off Falasarna?

Postby BST » Mon Aug 24, 2015 11:51 am

Looking out to sea in a westerly direction this morning I saw maybe a couple of ships on the horizon. Looking through the binoculars I was puzzled as to what they/it were/was. I initially thought it was 2 boats but maybe it was one with a low middle??? I doubt it though. Both ships had what looked like massive pipes (same silvery grey colour as the ships) sticking out some distance at right angles from deck height. The pipes had right angle bends at the end and there appeared to be water gushing out from the pipes into the sea. The pipes were pointing towards each other i.e. into the middle. One ship appeared bigger than the other. Over a period of around 20 minutes, the ships drifted from north to south i.e. right to left across the horizon, and out of sight. Their orientation and of the pipes (pointing towards Crete) didn't change. I've looked at the Live Ships map and can't see anything even vaguely possible so I am very puzzled! Any ideas?
I did think at first it might be something to do with ships destroying chemical weapons but that has apparently finished.

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