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: :D I am going to tell you a little.about Azogires the paradise village located 7 killometers from Paleochora it is a very beautifull village with hundreds of things to see visit and do. First of allt here are two cafes to choose from and spend a relaxing afternoon one is the Alfa cafe and where we give you a free map of the village there is also a small hotel proper for your relaxation and it also excepts small groups such as TAI CHI. YOGA .TANTRA .BIRD WATCHERS. And other types of organizations you can contact them at . On the village you can visit over seven orthodux churches the monastery of the 99 Holy fathers. the cave of the 99 holy fathers .the cave and church of st.Jonh the hermit. the historical museum of azogires .the alfa water falls. the smiley cave. the dragons cave where legend meets reality. the koukoutsakis caves .the forever green plane tree also known as the holy tree of the 99 holy fathers this is the tree that stays green summer winter and forms crosses on his branches .you can view numerous ancient olive trees where they are waiting to share their energy and stories with you .the old turkish setlement .the ancient carved caves of azogires. the grave of the most powerfull priest in the history of azogires gabriel papagrigorakis. the old schooll of azogires . korakia the fortress cave. and much much more you have a variety of walking paths in the area also. such as the anidri azogires path or the spaniakos azogires path.if you are looking for something diferent you found it in azogires the paradise village you can use this link to read the history legends and folklore of azogires if you would like any information i would be delighted help you thank you for taking the time to read this may be see you in azogires

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Alfa Cafenion Azogires

Postby mickmct » Mon Jan 21, 2008 2:21 pm

Is the Alfa the cafenion in Azogires that does the amazing omlettes?

I seem to recall one of the cafenions was always closed every time I passed through there.

My recollection of Azogires is that it was a very friendly place with amazing views, walks and wild flowers.


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