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Re: Flight Delay Compensation

Postby Kilkis » Tue Sep 11, 2018 4:50 pm

I think what made me claim was the attitude I experienced during those delays.

The first delay was the Ryanair flight from Stansted to Chania. That one was approximately 4 hours late. It was caused because the first flight had a fault on the plane and turned back one hour into the flight. When it got back over Stansted it had to circle for two hours to burn off fuel before it could land. We were taken straight from that plane to a replacement one without going back into the departure area. With that length of delay airlines are supposed to provide refreshments. Passengers asked if they could get refreshments free of charge on the replacement plane. They were told that they couldn't and they would have to pay for anything they wanted and try to claim it back. That meant we were in the air for a total of 8 hours with virtually no break and no refreshments were provided.

The second delay was the EasyJet one from Chania back to the UK. That one was over 3 hours and was caused by the outward flight having a fault. They knew at the check in that it was going to be over 3 hours arriving but they made no attempt to provide refreshments. Their attitude was that they would wait until it was over 3 hours and then think about it. Because of the delay they had failed to fully stock the plane so there was almost nothing even to buy. When I got on the plane I was in the second of the over wing exit rows. I was the only person on that whole row. The row in front was quite full and the steward told a couple in front of me that they could move to the three seats on the other side of my row if they wished, which they did. Another passenger was a friend of the one left sitting in the row in front of me so they came back to sit with their friend. The steward literally ran down the isle to tell them they couldn't sit there because it was a premium seat and they hadn't paid for it. "Sorry for your delay but there isn't anything to eat and no you can't sit there" strikes me as not very good customer relations.

O'Leary openly treats his customers like dirt and revels in doing so so I have no compunction screwing him any chance I get.


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