What has happend???

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What has happend???

Postby J. » Mon Oct 05, 2009 3:41 pm

Now that the touristic season is ending and a lot of other people who are living all year around on Crete, me as well, trying to find a job for the wintertime.
But as I do everytime(besides asking around) when i'm looking for a job, i post an aggelia in the efmerides. What is happening now, i only have phonecalls from idiots, calling me in the evening/night with inappropriate proposals, sending me disgusting messages. And when i go to a rendevous, they call me back later with the question if i would like to go for a 'drink' or so...
(for good luck i have two phonenumbers)
But what can i do, i can not bring everytime my boyfriend along when i have a rendevous, and i don't want to..
What has happend???

With the economical crisis, inappropriate behavior rises???

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