Yet Another IKA question....

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Yet Another IKA question....

Postby Paleo » Mon Feb 22, 2010 10:04 am

Hi all,

For the last 9 years I have been covered by TEBE (apart from about 3 months on IKA years ago) so I am trying to find out some of the nitty-gritty IKA questions that make my friendly local KEP employees stare off into the distance and shrug their shoulders :?

I have a 6 month job for the season working approx 8 hrs?day for 6 days a week. This job comes with 'Full' IKA (rather than putting me down as the indoor plant waterer working just 20 minutes a day :) )

I understand from another thread that, when I have accumulated the required days, my wife & kids can be added to my IKA account and they are covered. I also understand that I will be entitled to claim unemployment benefit if I can not find winter work.

Three questions:

For part time IKA, which we have had employees on in the past, they have to complete two 6 month seasons before being able to claim unemployment benefit. Is that the cas also with 'full' IKA?

Secondly, if my wife also works and gets IKA, will she also be entitled to unemployment benefit in her own right?

Thirdly, What happens to the kids if we are both on IKA? Are they put on one account or both?

Getting these answers via the official channels is proving a little difficult as always and I would appreciate the help if any of you have experience of this.

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Postby Carolina » Sun Mar 07, 2010 7:03 pm

Hi Paleo

Sorry, I hadn't spotted your post before.

Firstly: Both full and part time IKA 'days' count the same for unemployment benefit in the winter (i.e. 2 seasons required of at least 100 days each year in the first 2 years). The difference is that 'Full IKA' shows more hours worked per day and the daily stamp is more expensive than the part timer's. The 'part time IKA' still needs to amount to a total of 100+ days per season to claim winter unemployment.

Secondly: Yes your wife would be entitled to unemployment benefit in her own right if she works and pays IKA.

Thirdly: The children can be put on either yours or your wife's account, but not both. Consider which one of you would be entitled to claim unemployment benefit for longer during the winter (If you pay over 125 stamps per season - 25 per month is the norm, even max - you can claim unemployment benefit for 6 months per year. Less than 125 stamps and it's for 5 months). Whichever parent has the children on their book receives an extra 10% payment per child per month on unemployment benefit.

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