Long term rent of my ptoperty in Roustika, Rethymnon area, Crete

Post details of Crete accommodation available for long term let (one month or more). Strictly NO holiday rental adverts or websites please.
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Long term rent of my ptoperty in Roustika, Rethymnon area, Crete

Postby PSavorianakis » Wed Aug 30, 2017 2:32 pm

Dear Mme/Sir,

I send information about my house in the village Roustika, Rethymnon area, Crete asking for the necessary procedure for long term rental.

Little traditional Cretan House

Roustika, Crete 740 58, Greece


It is a little tradditional house at the pittoresque village Roustika in a charming Cretan environment, 22 kms from Rethymnon. It is near the most beautiful forest of Rethymnon area, in the middle between the northern and southern coast od Crete.


It is a 55 m2 house on the first floor with balcony, one kitchen fully equiped, with fireplace too, and one bedroom with two beds (one or two additional beds for children are available) and traditional furniture. There is an internal yard with treadle and a well. There is also another space with the remnants of 18/19th century buidings (a second yard, so alled "sochora"). The house is located at a pittoresque historical village. It is a typical place of old authentic Cretan environment. Near the biggest forest of Rethymnon area, 300 m altitude, next to other beautifull traditional villages which someone can visit on foot (2-4 kms distance). Surrounded by olive trees. There are ruins of the old Ottoman "seray", a byzantine church of the 12th century, a famous monastery (Prophet Elias) and many old well preserved Creatan houses. The village is officialy recognised and protected as "traditional" by the Greek law.

The space

It is possible to approach the 55 m2 first floor house through the ground floor arch and the yard next to the entrance. Someone can have access to the main part of the house at the 1st floor by ladder.

On the route of the European path E4

During the summer some "panegyria" (festivals with tradirional music and food) take place. In late August the "kandatha" event takes place dated from the Venetian period.

The neighbourhood

The absolutely authentic traditional environment and the very beautiful suroundings. The equal proximity to both Southern and Northern coast is also unique.

Transportation - Parking

Buss (twice per day) connects the village with the town of Rethymnon.

There is space available for parking at the entrance of the village. It is near the house (no more than 50-100 metres).

- By car: 22 kms from Rethymnon (30 minutes by car), 57 kms from Chania (1 hour by car), at the middle between the Northern coast of the island (13 kms) and the Southern coast (15 kms).
- By buss: Twice per day buss transportation - connection with Rethymnon

I propose the price of 450 Euros per month

Thank you,
With my best regards

Panagiotis Savorianakis (owner of the house)

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Re: Long term rent of my ptoperty in Roustika, Rethymnon area, Crete

Postby TweetTweet » Sat Sep 02, 2017 7:29 am

I propose the price of 450 Euros per month

I agree Roustika is very pretty, but I think you are offering a tiny space for rather a lot of money. You don't mention a bathroom? Is it a new ladder to get upstairs :)

I think you might be lucky to rent it for 150 euros a month, not 450!

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