looking for one month rental from around 10th October 2011

Looking for a long term rent? Post here. Don't forget to mention which area in Crete you are looking for.
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looking for one month rental from around 10th October 2011

Postby heather » Wed Jul 27, 2011 12:55 pm

I am planning to come to Crete for a month from October 10th and looking for a nice place to rent. It would just be for me (though my boyfriend may come stay for one week). I am quite open on which area of Crete, but I would prefer a location that is quiet-ish but also somewhere where I will be ok to get around without necessarily having a car all the time - where I can get food and other necessities either by bus or bicycle! It would be good to have internet access. Access to lovely countryside/costal and hiking areas more important to me than nightlife and hustle and bustle.

I am on a relatively tight budget - I have had a quote from someone which was £2,000 for a month and I can't afford that - maybe half that at the most if that is possible, preferably less.

Maybe a tall order!


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