New Business Solar Photo VoltaicPanels

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New Business Solar Photo VoltaicPanels

Postby Gazzaincrete » Mon Oct 17, 2016 5:28 pm

I am a new person to Crete and this website looking to set up a new business based in Chania/Souda, Crete installing Solar Photo Voltaic panels imported from the UK, using local tradesmen to install and local estate and rental businesses to market it, I would be very grateful to members for any contributions/help they would like to post here or get in touch at
We will take advantage of the current feed in tariff to the grid to make the payback cost competitive and reduction during the day on electricity bills, I am also looking for a local Finance Company to partner with.
I have already have an English speaking accountant and lawyer to help with registration.
Best regards and grateful for any help please.

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Re: New Business Solar Photo VoltaicPanels

Postby STEVE.W » Tue Oct 18, 2016 4:34 am

Gazza, I think you will find that the feed in tariff does exist here but is near impossible to get, I know of someone who has ben waiting in excess of 2-3 years and has virtually given up ever getting it, like most governments (UK included), these feedback rates have been slashed 1. as the solar has become more popular & 2. Austerity savings.

I looked into a solar system with a feedback tariff earlier this year, even the Greek surveyor said forget it. The quote he came back with was ridiculous and I found a lot of the same equipment at half the cost he had quoted in Germany, including shipping to Crete! It was also cheaper to buy the equipment in the UK (a relatively fledgling solar market) than Crete/Greece but not quite as cheap as Germany.

If you have a lawyer & accountant setting up a business for you then I wish you well in your venture as we had a business here (shut down earlier this year) and the fees & taxation plus all the red tape (you would have to be a qualified electrician to do this, UK certificates are not recognised here) make it very, very difficult to run a business legitimately.

Good luck
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Re: New Business Solar Photo Voltaic Panels

Postby Gazzaincrete » Tue Oct 18, 2016 2:18 pm

Thanks Steve that is very useful info, we can put in a system from the UK for approx. E10K which will pay for itself in 5 years just from the reduction in electricity usage excluding FIT and we have a few potential customers at this cost.
I was thinking of a UK company importing into Crete, but using Crete labour, for marketing, maintenance and installation.
I already have a villa rental business and thought about this as an additional service from the business.
Many thanks for your feedback
Best regards

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