A website listing British expat property and used cars for sale?

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Re: A website listing British expat property and used cars for sale?

Postby Maud » Thu Sep 22, 2016 10:19 am

I think Satcure is implying you are better at research than him Kilkis, (and more interested in doing research), rather than buying and selling things. - He is correct, your facts are always impressive.

Re the website, I am never sure how they are funded. (Naturally I know how major ones are done!). Some 'independent ones' seem to be paid for by subscribers who wish to sell items on them. - Others appear to be paid for by 'advertising' which pops up, or is displayed on the site. I have probably got this all wrong! Could someone enlighten me please?

I still cannot see how a website aimed at expats selling houses and cars on Crete can be a profitable venture, unless kastri is planning to do it as a hobby and fund it himself. I can see how it would benefit expats who have something to sell if everything is free......but in my experience life is seldom like that! Maybe, (as with estate agents), a fee will be taken if a sale is made, but my guess is that the site will require a lot of work for little reward if that is the case. There are not going to be many sales/purchases made by the British to British until the £ improves against the Euro, and until the details of Brexit are finalised. Anyone wanting to become an expat will need to be sure of their 'situation' elsewhere in Europe first. I see little changing in fact, and hopefully everyone will be allowed to stay where they are and life will carry on as normal. However, making such a move just now, and buying a house in Europe at the present time, seems an unnecessary risk to take unless done out of necessity......hence I can only see a lot of work with little reward for such a website. - I also cannot believe it hasn't been thought of before, (kastri refers somewhere to new ideas taking off), and then dismissed for sound reasons.

Good luck with it Kastri if you go ahead with it. It would be interesting to know how it works out.

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