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Re: Heating Oil

Postby filippos » Fri Nov 18, 2016 11:57 pm

It's a few years ago but we had a neighbour with a boiler fuelled by olive pellets. Then it was a bit cheaper than oil but what put me off was that you had to keep re-filling the fuel hopper with pellets. I don't know if there are different sizes of fuel hopper but the neighbour said he had to re-fill the hopper every two days (or more often when it was very cold). Lifting heavy bags of pellets didn't appeal to me. What the price comparison is now between oil and pellets I have no idea.

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Re: Heating Oil

Postby moved 2 crete » Sat Nov 19, 2016 3:52 pm

We are all LPG a 1000 LTR tank holding 800 LTRS allowing for expansion, a gas fire, gas boiler for hot water and central heating and a gas hob/electric oven cooker, twice a year fill up at 500 LTRS a time, the car is converted to LPG at Chania Cars and Trucks, the domestic gas fuel is cheaper than the car LPG and I am reliably informed that the domestic LPG burns hotter than the car LPG if we could use it for the car it would burn out the valves, the cost varies a little but on average under 60cents a LTR compared with car prices around 80 cents a liter, 43 cents a liter was the price last January on the last fill up :D
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Re: Heating Oil

Postby Yin&Yang » Thu Feb 09, 2017 1:23 pm

I'm rather late to this post. Crikey, it's nearly Summer! Annabana asked about using olive waste, pirina and we were put off it by our Civil Engineer, who does use it. Whilst it used to be a cheap option compared to heating oil, he says the price is about the same now. He has to lift sacks every day to fill the hopper plus he has to clean out the oven about once a week. So it's quite a hands on option.
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