Campervans in Crete .

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Campervans in Crete .

Postby Cundalini » Wed Dec 07, 2016 3:24 am

How are Campervans treated in Crete and what are the rules?.Is parking allowed anywhere ?Are beaches and car parks free? In Italy and South France last year it was just constant hassle . Especially Italy ,from the Police and Caribinari " Documents please" and "you can`t park here" all the time .Mind you the Campervan I had then didn`t look much like a Campervan ! In the south of France it was more the case of low headroom barriers everywhere than Police hassle and no over night parking signs everywhere . Campsites prices were horrendous because they knew you had no choice except go there .Less expensive in Italy but they were all closed in the winter anyway ! How are Campervans treated in Crete ?
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Re: Campervans in Crete .

Postby YoMo2 » Wed Dec 07, 2016 9:22 am

Basically, park anywhere you like as long as you don't upset the locals. Which pretty much means park anywhere sensible. Very relaxed here. Would be surprised if you get charged anywhere other than a normal car park. Few of those will have height barriers.

Your main problem here is the quality of the roads when you get off the beaten track.

Obviously you need to be responsible about grey/black waste. Don't ruin it for others.


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Re: Campervans in Crete .

Postby john4d » Wed Dec 07, 2016 7:20 pm

I believe 'Wild Camping' is illegal in Greece, though I've done it many times without a problem, including once where the campsite I intended to use was closed and I parked in the gateway of an Industrial Unit by the side of the main road. I was gone long before any vehicles turned up though looking at the building I got the impression it was closed. The South of France can be difficult particularly where the land between the mountains and the sea is over developed. In the rest of France though there are thousands of Aires which are of course free and provide the minimal facilities such as grey water empting, Fresh water supplies sometimes toilet empting facilities and occasionally coin operated electricity. In Italy you can find Çampervan Only'' sites, something akin to a big bay carpark with 2 amp electrical hookups and an overnight charge of just a few euros. Enjoy your stay.

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Re: Campervans in Crete .

Postby Maud » Fri Dec 09, 2016 12:37 am

John is correct.- Wildcamping is illegal, but if you park considerately and do not leave litter or waste, you are unlikely to be moved on, - especially in rural areas.

We use our van to drive to and from Crete with our two Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs and our cat. (It was bought to enable us to transport the animals and ourselves in comfort!). We always have a night or two on the Gulf of Corinth, and there are a few places there that are used regularLy by motorhomers. Friends of ours who have a house on another Greek island, and an apartment in Athens, also drive out from the UK in their campervan and do the same as us.

Tavernas will usually allow you to park overnight if you buy some beers or a meal. They will often even let you have water. We managed to drag ourselves off the terrace last year and toured Crete for a few days.......and had a wonderful trip. Crete is a fantastic place to motorhome in if you are sensible about where you park, and understand that many of the mountain roads are not easy in a big campervan. (Not sure how big yours is.- We are 7.5m).

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Re: Campervans in Crete .

Postby Kilkis » Fri Dec 09, 2016 1:20 am

Maud wrote:John is correct.- Wildcamping is illegal, but if you park considerately and do not leave litter or waste, you are unlikely to be moved on, - especially in rural areas...

I don't know for sure but I would guess that timescale might also be a factor. Park up overnight or possibly a couple of days in one place and I doubt if anybody would bother. As you extend the stay at that location I think the risk of the tourist police or some other authority taking an interest starts to increase.


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Re: Campervans in Crete .

Postby Mixos » Fri Dec 09, 2016 10:46 am

As with so many things Greek, I think a lot depends on who you are, where you are and how bold you are. A man in a campervan (I think he was German or Swedish) was parked for the entire summer this year within spitting distance of the coastguard station at Sitia ferry port. The coastguards tried to move him on but he told them that, as his was a motorhome and not an unpowered caravan, there was no law stopping him staying there as long as he wanted. I have no idea if that is actually the law and in fairness to him, he was not causing an obstruction and the piece of ground was next to a derelict building, but it seemed to work. The coastguards blinked first and, as of mid November when I last looked, he was still there -- with his dog, which had made friends with several of the feral dogs that hang around the port. Similarly, there was a UK-registered motorhome parked for at least two months without a break, on a patch of rough ground beside the main highway near Sfaka, west of Sitia.

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Re: Campervans in Crete .

Postby Maud » Fri Dec 09, 2016 4:33 pm

I think timescale is a factor everywhere with a campervan Warwick. - You are accurate in your assumption.

Our van is used almost solely for getting to and from Kriti, but we plan to use it more in the future to holiday in other places en route. (Hence our foray to France for five weeks this year). We can afford to take our time travelling in each direction, so hope to see more of Greece but also other countries as we pass through them. I have been doing some research in to places to stay, and it seems that 'overnighting' is hardly ever a problem anywhere in most countries. (The aires in France are not supposed to be used for more than 48 hours, but we met French people this year who were on the same one for a week). It is understandable that people complain if campervans are parked up near their homes for indefinite periods, but for a night or two, most places seem to be happy to accommodate a van.

I know of at least one beach on Kriti where vans park up all Summer. - Often the same vans every year. Until a cantina opened up on the beach a few years ago we all wondered what the van owners did with their 'waste!' - There is now a loo at the cantina. Nobody locally complained......but I always felt it could be a health hazard!

It is exactly what was mentioned is all about responsible Camping. As Mixos mentioned, if someone is not causing a problem and not spoiling things for others, then in Greece and elsewhere I think rules are often ignored. I don't believe that is the case so much in the UK though. It is probably due to the size and large population of the UK, but from what I hear it is much easier to park up for the night in Mainland Europe than in England and Wales.......although I believe Scotland is a bit more tolerant towards motorhomers.

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