To people with property in Rethymno

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To people with property in Rethymno

Postby woody » Thu Mar 16, 2017 8:45 pm

Came across a post on F/Book regarding people with houses in Rethymno and those trying to sell theirs.
I have added the link, can anyone out there try and put this in "Janet and John" terms.
I don't consider myself daft, but it looks like people trying to sell their property, they, me included will have a long wait.
I'm going to mail my solicitor and my Estate agent tomorrow to shed some light on the situation. ... mno-crete/


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Re: To people with property in Rethymno

Postby Kilkis » Fri Mar 17, 2017 12:21 am

It's difficult to be absolutely certain until the ruling of the supreme court is published but it looks like two legislative acts that were passed in 2009 were ruled to be unconstitutional. That means the acts are no longer in force as the constitution overrides everything. Each act effectively changed the planning zoning laws for a number of villages effectively extending them in some way. Properties that were built, supposedly legally in the new zoning areas, are now no longer legal and so cannot be sold or otherwise have their ownership transferred.

It sounds like the first group of names either had no defined village boundaries or were not classed as villages at all. The legislation defined those that weren't classed as villages as villages and added boundaries to all of them. In the case of the second group the existing boundary was simply extended.

Changing the zoning law for a village, town or city is not uncommon but has to be done within a specified legal process. When I lived in northern Greece I lived in what is by Greek standards quite a large town. I knew one family that had bought, at a very low cost, quite a few plots of land outside the town boundary and just sat on them waiting for the town boundary to be rezoned. When it eventually was they could sell them at an enormous profit. In the case of villages it is not unknown for a local wealthy person to do a similar thing but at some point get themselves elected as mayor so they can push through the rezoning. I am not saying that is what happened in this case but it demonstrates the possibility for questionable activity.

It is estimated that 99 % of properties in Greece are built illegally in some way. It is a major problem that no Greek government has been able to address effectively.


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