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Re: Future (and current) British expats in Crete

Posted: Wed Aug 16, 2017 3:52 pm
by bobscott
Kilkis wrote:Verhofstadt agrees with you, Bob: "To be in and out of the customs union and 'invisible borders' is a fantasy..."

Both he and Barnier stress the need to complete negotiations on citizens rights, Ireland and the financial settlement before discussing trade:

Guy Verhofstadt: "...First need to secure citizens' rights and a financial settlement."

Michel Barnier: "The quicker #UK & EU27 agree on citizens, settling accounts and #Ireland, the quicker we can discuss customs & future relationship."

It does seem a little odd to agree to reach agreement on these issues before discussing future trade relations and then produce their first position paper on trade.


Suggest it is only odd, Warwick, if you are expecting whole-hearted cooperation from the EU. As it is, they think we are bonkers and are just playing with us! I wonder if they believe the 'no deal is better than a bad deal' mantra? I think they are pushing us, to see what gives. So far, nothing! It seems that Colonialism and gun-boat diplomacy are still the instincts of Westerminster. Bob.