Money Moving Post Brexit

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Re: Money Moving Post Brexit

Postby Kilkis » Wed Jun 27, 2018 7:54 pm

As an example of timing, I have just moved some money to Greece using Currency Fair:

    1 26/06/2018 10:12 Logged on to Currency Fair web site and told them I wanted to deposit money. I do this because it supplies the banks details for the transfer and they change from time to time
    2 26/06/2018 10:15 Logged on to my bank account and initiated the transfer into Currency Fair account.
    3 26/06/2018 10:49 Received email confirmation that the funds were cleared in my Currency Fair account.
    4 26/06/2018 11:03 Converted the funds from Sterling to Euro using market rate.
    5 26/06/2018 11:05 Initiated transfer of Euro to Greece.
    6 27/06/2018 20:00 Funds are showing in my Greek account as cleared and available for use.

I don't know exactly what time they arrived but they were not there this morning so some time between 12:00 and 20:00. All times are Greek time.


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