New security check online purchasing

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New security check online purchasing

Postby TweetTweet » Wed Aug 01, 2018 6:48 am ... -year.html

I'm sure I read on this forum about the above (but can't find the reference); anyway, because I don't have a mobile this new rule rather bothered me. I finally spoke to Barclays Visa a few days ago - I asked if it as possible to send me a recorded code to my landline instead. I was told there were no plans for that option at the moment. I told them that companies e.g. Currency Exchange send a recorded coded message to landlines. The extremely helpful customer service rep took some advice from his manager. I was asked if I'd EVER had a problem with my VISA card and because I haven't, I was told that I won't need a code. (Possibly this is pro-tem until/if they add a landline option.

I can't be the only person on this planet not to own a mobile :)

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