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Re: Change Of Heart?

Postby Carolina » Tue Aug 07, 2018 2:47 am

Brexit is of great concern to many of us Brits living here in Crete. I own and run a business here and the implications of any Brexit deal or no deal are huge and troubling to me. For example my particular concerns are my continuing right to permanent residence, a Greek/UK pension, healthcare, transfering money between UK and Greece and vice versa in terms of savings and in terms of business etc etc etc..

Regarding this forum about Living in Crete - who voted for what and whether there should be a second vote or whether we should just get over it - this is the wrong place for that particular discussion. I personally feel very, very strongly about the whole Brexit issue, but if I wish to debate the rights and wrongs of it all I do so elsewhere.

I'll go over to the other thread Brexit shortly. We do need some debate about this important issue as it will affect many of us living here, but unfortunately it always seems to turn into a very emotional and devisive 'debate'.

I'm locking this one now.

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