Hotels for Christmas.

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Hotels for Christmas.

Postby Dinksy » Sun Oct 13, 2019 4:57 pm

We have friends coming to Crete for Christmas and we are thinking it would be nice to find a good hotel that offers a package for a few day over the festive period. Have tried searching but only finding hotels that are open but not offering an all inclusive package. Does anybody have any links or knowledge where we can find what we are looking for. Sure it must exist somewhere on ths large island.

Many thanks.
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Re: Hotels for Christmas.

Postby peebee » Sun Oct 13, 2019 5:15 pm

Why an all inclusive package ?
You are very unlikely to find one out of season, tell them to get out to the local bars/tavernas, they will find better hospitality, and almost certainly better food and drink.

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Re: Hotels for Christmas.

Postby Kilkis » Sun Oct 13, 2019 8:39 pm

It tends to be big tourist hotels by the coast that offer all inclusive packages and they are closed during the winter. Like Peebee says just get a hotel in town and there are tons of places to eat and drink, including some good tavernas that are only open in the winter. They probably need to book soon. If you go on sites like many hotels are already fully booked for the Christmas period or only have one or two rooms left.


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Re: Hotels for Christmas.

Postby filippos » Sun Oct 13, 2019 10:45 pm

Are you looking for something in Xania? If so you're unlikely to find anywhere offering full board and, broadly speaking, there's a choice of boutique hotels of which there are many, especially around the harbour area. For the last five years we've stayed for 4 or 5 nights at:

    Casa del Porto in Sintrivani Square, very close to Remezzo café. A long flight of external stairs to the entrance; excellent view of harbour but must be the only hotel from which the lighthouse can't be seen; comfortable but (back then, at least) not much in the way of facilities although it was the owners' first year.

    Casa Leone, Near the Naval Museum,opposite the Mosque; excellent renovation of Venetian merchant's house. Very comfortable; breakfast served in reception area; there are 2-3 rooms at reception level but higher up means climbing a steep spiral staircase; views over the whole harbour. The husband/wife partnership who own the hotel are frequently available, especially around breakfast and they have some fascinating albums of historical pictures of the area and particularly the hotel which they tried to restore as closely as possible to the original building.

    Ambassador's Residence, close to the old Custom House and opposite the Fortezza. Very comfortable, spacious rooms in a well renovated interior in tasteful modern style. Access is via lots of stairs or (powered) three stage access for those with mobility difficulties (although signs say for disabled use only in practise anyone can use these facilities in preference to the stairs but they are slow). Very helpful reception staff with good knowledge of local restaurants and other facilities. When we stayed an excellent breakfast was provided at a local café (Pallas) or, I believe they would ferry breakfast to the hotel be we just strolled the 50m to the café. One of the partners who own the place is a descendant of the first German Ambassador to occupy the building.

    For the last two years we've stayed at the Porto Veneziano at the eastern end of the harbour (close to the Sailing Club Lounge). This is a more modern hotel and we chose it because stairs are user friendly and there's a lift to all floors. Rooms are well appointed with comfortable beds and there are more guest facilities. There's a large breakfast room, buffet style with a wide choice of breakfast foods. There are also waiting staff who will fetch hot drinks and fresh juices for the lazy amongst us. There's also a café/bar on the ground floor open every day until about midnight; when we've stayed there have been a couple of evenings in the café with a pianist playing "lounge" music. Plentiful friendly, helpful and efficient staff. We booked for this year during check-out last year.

    All the above have TV, free w-fi etc. and facilities for making hot drinks.

There are many similar places not only on the harbourside but one of two streets back from the water.

We haven't found anywhere near the harbour that offers full board but there are plenty of restaurants/tavernas open during the Christmas period. Although fewer are open on Christmas Day there's no fear of going hungry but don't expect to find anywhere offering a traditional British Christmas dinner.

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Re: Hotels for Christmas.

Postby Guy M » Mon Oct 14, 2019 12:41 am

Case Leone is very highly recommended.

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Re: Hotels for Christmas.

Postby filippos » Mon Oct 14, 2019 9:26 am

Guy M wrote:Case Leone is very highly recommended.

Mmmmmm! Absolutely, and we had a bonus; a free upgrade to "The Honeymoon Suite" with roof terrace overlooking the harbour. With one of us 70+ and the other close behind we discovered that, despite being quite fit and without mobility problems, ascending and (especially) descending a steep and narrow spiral staircase a tad disconcerting which is why the reference to rooms a floor lower.
We do like the aesthetics and grandeur of the old buildings but generally they do have lots of stairs; demanding for oldies replete with food and wine ascending at around 02:00.

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