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Another fine mess!

Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2020 8:45 am
by Forsto
This does not bode well ... und-crete/. Surely the escort to the hotel should have waited to see the tourist go inside? Not really her fault she had to find another hotel and at that time she did not know she had tested positive. Does not excuse what she did next and who is to say others will not follow suit? Worrying times for all.

Re: Another fine mess!

Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2020 9:18 am
by Tim
I think others are bound to follow suit. Who forks out good money to visit a beautiful holiday location, gorgeous weather etc, only to spend a chunk of it looking out of a hotel window? Not going to happen. If this young woman survives her diagnosis, she should be jailed.


Re: Another fine mess!

Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2020 9:56 am
by Voni
How far did she go in that time? Remember that not everyone now is being tested on arrival. According to Neakriti there were 31,553 arrivals Heraklion airport between 1st-5th July of these 25,824 were via international flights. During this period though there was only a total of 5,500 tests undertaken between both Heraklion and Chania airports.

This is a highly contagious and dangerous virus but I still see virtually everyone around me not wearing masks or gloves. When I drove past my Village square yesterday it was busy, a mixture of tourists, ex pats and Greeks but not a mask or glove in sight and taverna tables full, no social distancing.

Please be aware that once this virus is in the is in the community and can be spreading silently.

Please please start making wearing your personal PPE the norm, the island isn’t virus free.

Re: Another fine mess!

Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2020 10:42 am
by BST
After reading that I couldn't actually write the words that came out!

Re: Another fine mess!

Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2020 11:42 am
by Kamisiana
Can not get the theme tune from JAWS out of my head(just when you thought it was safe)

Re: Another fine mess!

Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2020 1:38 pm
by Maud
Three pubs have shut down in the U.K. today as they have had customers with Covid 19 over the weekend. Once people start gathering together, the virus will spread again. - It was socially distancing and not touching ‘public surfaces’ that slowed it down recently. Once there is an influx of tourists, I cannot see how Greece can stop an increase in Covid 19 cases happening. One weekend of pub opening in the U.K. has demonstrated that! I wonder how many other establishments have had Covid 19 customers and do not know it yet?

Take care everyone.