Private medical clinics

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Private medical clinics

Postby JulsandErik » Sat Jan 27, 2007 9:00 pm


We are planning for a long term stay in Crete. One of our family however has a medical condition that requires monthly treatment. (drug infusion by IV with associated monitoring).
Does anyone know of a good medical clinic that I can contact? I need to arrange this before we come over.

Also while I'm here what do I need to budget for accomodation. We are a family of 5, don't want to be in a tourist hotspot but want to be somewhere within walking distance to basic amenites (school / shops) and not too far from a decent town with medical facilities asabove.

All comments much appreciated.


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Postby Carolina » Sun Jan 28, 2007 10:49 pm

Hi Erik,

In Chania the two main private clinics (open all year round) are:
Gavrilakis Clinic, 76 Marko Botsari St. Tel 28210 70800 . It's on the main road up behind the bus station.
Therapeutic Clinic, 3 Nik. Foka St. Tel. 28210 55472, This is beyond the main market square heading out on the airport road, before you reach the stadium.

If they can't deal with your needs you will have to use the main general hospital - which in Chania is new and has pretty good facilities, although sorting out how to get treatment there may be more difficult... the how, why and when! Their tel. no. is 28210 22000. If you don't speak Greek you proably won't get anywhere by phone, whereas the private clinics have English speaking staff as they deal with tourists all the time.

Rent will depend on the accommodation and the area. For a 3 bedroomed apartment or house expect to pay anything from 450 to 700 euros per month, plus utilities.

By the way, is it the Chania area you are thinking of moving to ?!


Thanks Carol

Postby JulandErik » Mon Jan 29, 2007 8:47 am

Thanks heaps Carol for your info, much appreciated. Will give those clinics a ring to see if what we need is available there. Can you also tell me the general cost of living is there? e.g Is food reasonably priced and is power and phone good not too expensive. We have 3 school aged children and considering putting them into English schools. Dont suppose you would have any idea of the cost of that? We are looking at coming over to immerse ourselves in the Greek culture for a year, is this easy to do as English speaking people with no Greek language? My husband is a civil engineer in New Zealand but is hoping to pick up any work over there. Is employment for only English speaking easy enough to get? Thanks for your help. Julie :)

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Cost of Living, schools, work

Postby Carolina » Mon Jan 29, 2007 1:52 pm

Hi Julie,

Generally food prices are reasonable - locally grown produce, in season,is cheap; but imported goods tend to be expensive. Bills - our electricity bill works out approx 70 euros per month (family of 4) and that includes local taxes (council taxes) and tv licence (obligatory and paid on every elec bill!). Telephone line rental costs 12.40 euros/month + 19%tax and cost of calls. Both electricty and tel. bills are issued every two months.

Regarding schools, the only full time English school in Crete is in Heraklion, the European school, and at present they only take pupils up to age 9. see
There is more detailed discussion in my book regarding schooling in Crete.

As a non Greek speaker your husband is very unlikely to find work as a civil engineeer in Crete. Building regulations differ the world over so it is unlikely that qualifications obtained outside of Greece for civil engineering will be certified here. You could contact the main building companies in Crete and ask their advice (put Crete + property into google and you'll find plenty of companies).

Good luck!

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