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Newcomers / Renting

Postby Page » Wed May 09, 2007 4:01 pm

Hey everyone. First of all , awesome forum. So helpful and full of great information. I am heading to the Greek Air Base there at Souda in Feb 08. I have so many questions, so pardon my insight. We will be living on the economy and I was wondering about housing. We, myself, wife, and 3 year old son, will be looking within 15-20 minutes of the base. We would prefer 3 beds, 2 bath. Water view would be great. Furnished not necessary as we will be bringing our own. We did spend 7 years in Italy (my wife's homeland) so I know about the homes sizes not being comparable to the U.S... If you ask me, it's just more to clean anyway. :)
We will be looking to pay around 700Euro/month. Utilities included would be great, but not necessary. What are the average utility cost per month? Electric/gas/internet? I have aton of questions, but this will be a good start. Thank you in advance. Oh, I almost forgot. I love Golf. Any courses around there?

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Postby filippos » Wed May 09, 2007 4:43 pm

Hi Page,

Can't help with suggestions for rental property but you should be able to get something good for a lot less than €700/month (excluding utilities). Around us, opposite the base across Souda Bay, €300 - €400 is fairly common. That could increase a little before February '08.

As for utility costs, gas is no problem - there isn't any unless you buy bottled gas. Electricity costs should be negligible in summer unless you use aircon a lot; just about every property has solar panels for water heating so you shouldn't need to use electric water heating from about May to September and in other months there are many days with sun enough to heat the water.

If the property you rent has central heating it will almost certainly be oil-fired and costs will obviously depend on how warm you want the house and for what time. Heating oil price varies with the market and is fairly expensive - our most recent purchase was around €0.53/litre. Last winter we spent about €650 for a fairly small property (but the oil price was around €0.85 when we had to buy our first lot). If the property has a wood buring stove they are pretty economical to run - wood at, maybe €140/tonne - and make a great supplementary heating source and are useful during power outages (we do have them). Not only can you stay warm you can make drinks and heat food from the freezer.

Internet is expensive compared with other parts of Europe and, I guess, the States but there are some deals to be had. I currently pay about €40/month inclusive for broadband.

As for golf, forget that in the west of the island although there are a couple of courses near Heraklion. More are planned but this is Crete where "avrio" means much the same as "manana" without the same sense of urgency. Dictionary definition is "tomorrow" but in reality it means "not now" and is usually said with a smile and a shrug of the shoulders.

Let me know when your arrival is imminent as we have friends who sound much like you. An American working on the base, with an Italian wife (but no children) who like it so much here they've built a house.

Hope that helps a little,


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Postby paulh » Wed May 09, 2007 7:08 pm

just a quick off topic comment

Fillipos your personal internet connection should drop to just under 20€pm after having it one year unless of course you have upgraded to a 2Meg connection

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Postby Carolina » Wed May 09, 2007 9:02 pm

Hi Page,

The Souda base actually keep lists of properties to rent in the area (on Akrotiri) and you should find plenty of choice. Unfortunately have to say that the prices in Akrotiri are pretty high (for Crete) due to the demand, and accom with 3 beds and 2 baths doesn't come cheap in this area , but you should find somewhere within your budget.

In some parts of Crete you could rent a virtual palace for 700E a month... but not here..


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