any possible share?

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Anne Bilbrough
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any possible share?

Postby Anne Bilbrough » Sun Feb 21, 2010 4:50 pm

Hi, having expected to be out in Crete before last September I sadly found myself having to go through another UK winter :( for various reasons
Things are looking up though and am planning to be in Crete before end March

Plan was to drive down, towing a trailer tent - Incase travel companion throws any more delays is there anyone going from UK to Crete Chania/Paleochora before end of March who'd be willing to consider towing and having passenger or even share vehicle hire?? or even have space to take some kit out and a passenger? obviously on a cost share basis

Thanks for reading, :D , Anne

Anne Bilbrough
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Just to clarify

Postby Anne Bilbrough » Sun Feb 21, 2010 4:55 pm

My enquiry about possible travel share to Crete would be just me - intended travel companion has been big part of sad delay so I really want to know what other possibilities there are......thanks again for any suggestions

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Postby SatCure » Mon Feb 22, 2010 3:59 pm

Unfortunately, I can't help. However, I can't understand what you are asking, either!

You want to travel from NW UK to western Crete - I get that bit.
Is this holiday or permanent?

I didn't understand the mention of the trailer tent or of vehicle hire. I assume you don't intend to hire a vehicle and a trailer tent and dump them here so what is it you want to do?

Anne Bilbrough
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Postby Anne Bilbrough » Tue Feb 23, 2010 12:42 pm

Hi thanks for your reply - realised when I read my request again I could have been clearer so hope this does it

I'm moving to Crete to live
I want to bring a trailer tent as I can transport my stuff in it and then live in it initially where I'll be working (then keep it for holidays and incase friends/family visit)- it's basically a kind of folding caravan

I was supposed to be moving to Crete with my partner last August/September. We were to drive down towing the trailer tent with his car
I delayed the move primarily because of work he had on Then he decided he didn't want to move to Crete with me but very much wanted to to drive me there and give a hand moving in - very sad but it's an amicable situation and at least it's better than getting to Crete and then splitting up

Now, various delays later due to work/family/weather I'm determined to move as soon as possible - He keeps insisting he still wants to bring me out to Crete and has a gap in work Mid March but I want to sort my own transport so I get there regardless....if he's free at the same time it would be great if he drove down too and gave a hand but I don't want to be dependant on it

I don't want to buy a UK vehicle to drive down myself then have to sell it or register it Greek, I'd sooner wait till in Crete to buy a greek one
So, before I start asking Removals companies if they'll move me AND a trailer tent I'm looking for other options. So......sharing costs obviously

Anyone going to Crete who would tow a trailer tent and take me?

OR is anyone going to Crete with space in transpot for me and some kit? (I'd come back to UK for trailer tent and other stuff later)

OR is anyone going who'd be interested in transport share ? - maximum space I need is 6ftx4ftx4ft

Any help or suggestion gratefully recieved
Anne :D

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Postby Kilkis » Tue Feb 23, 2010 2:34 pm

Anne Bilbrough wrote:maximum space I need is 6ftx4ftx4ft

So you are quite tall and very fat then, Ann?


PS Sorry, Ann. The Devil made me say it!

Anne Bilbrough
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Postby Anne Bilbrough » Tue Feb 23, 2010 6:12 pm

:lol: LOL I like your take on that Warwick......

maybe I need to amend again to say 6ftx4ftx4ft plus seat space for a size 8 pixie .....
Anne :D

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