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Rentals again

Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2007 6:20 pm
by freddie
Well we (my partner and I), have thought about it long enough. We have decided that out of the whole of Greece, Crete is the place to head for. It's time to actually put the wheels in motion and put our home up for sale. It goes on the market tomorrow. We want to move as soon as it is sold. This may take a while. Hopefully it will be very quick. Not just because We're keen to come over, but now the place is so clean, the other half won't allow me to touch anything. It's like a scene from 'Last of the summer wine' here at the moment. I have visions of sleeping in the garage and bathing in the water butt until it's sold.

Despite the fact we are selling, we want to rent in Crete. It would obviously be best to take the advice given elsewhere and book short term accommodation initially and look for a longer term place once we are there, and see what we are getting. This is what we intend to do at the moment.

A problem that we have with this approach, is how to deal with our pet parrot, whose well being is very important to us. Our current plan is to leave him with the people he normally holidays with, and where we know he will be happy, while we go and search for longer term accommodation. Once we have found it, we would return to pick him up and take him to Greece with us. Doing this would of course involve costly travel to the UK & back. I am thinking that this may negate any savings we make by not booking a longer term rental through an agent in the first place. Also booking a longer term rental would mean that we were not technically of no fixed abode for a few weeks. It would mean that we take a risk booking the place without seeing it first though, so we would need a good agent.

A third alternative would be to take a holiday sooner and see some places and make some contacts. However we do not know when our place will be sold and do not wish to waste anybodies time. Any thoughts?


Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2007 6:46 pm
by filippos
If you come before the end of the season book some holiday accommodation for a couple of weeks or so while looking for something longer term. Holiday lets at that time should be reasonably cheap, especially something small.

Agents can be helpful but if you can find something by yourself it will almost certainly be cheaper. While you're in the holiday rental make some contacts, including someone with good Greek (a Greek, for example) and English, and look in local newspapers which usually have lots of ads.

Friends of ours rented a place for 12 months from the UK which sounded excellent but they moved on after a couple of months partly because the place wasn't all it seemed and partly because of the landlady. Much less risky to see the place and meet the landlord face to face. (A 12 months rental as that's what the tax man usually accepts as a minimum so, technically, you have to keep paying the rent if you move out. Our friend are trying (or have managed) to sub-let.


Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2007 7:33 pm
by Jean
Despite the fact we are selling, we want to rent in Crete. It would obviously be best to take the advice given elsewhere and book short term accommodation initially and look for a longer term place once we are there, and see what we are getting.

That is VERY smart!

As for long term rental: you really should look by yourself and not through an agent. This is probably cheaper and will give you much more choice as agents are not the usual route people go when looking for a place to rent or trying to rent a place.
Along those lines, I don't see you being able to arrange a long term rental a long time in advance because most of the places that you'll find for rent are for rent now, not in a few months time.

Would it not be simpler to arrange for a short term rental that can take your pet parrot? Alternatively someone on this board might want to parrot sit?

Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2007 10:11 pm
by Kilkis
I tend to agree with Jean. "Plan ahead" is not a concept that translates easily into Greek. Greeks tend to plan Christmas on Boxing Day. The chances of finding a rental “that will be available in x months” is pretty slim. “The tenant moves out today so we start looking for a new tenant today” is more normal. If you don’t believe me, invitations to weddings are usually given out in the two weeks before the wedding. We received one on the Thursday before the wedding on the Saturday and that one was “early” because we had to travel to Mikonos.


Posted: Thu Aug 16, 2007 4:42 pm
by freddie
Thank you all for your comments. Plan A it is then. You make a good point about the parrot Jean, but parrots hate changes in their environment and routine. The less stressed the bird is during the move, the less stressed the other half will be, and the less stressed she is, the less stressed I will be. Still, enough stress for the time being I think.

What is the position re short term accommodation outside the season? Presumably some hotels will still be available. Will there be much in the way of other options? I will trawl through the internet for info on this, so please don't think I want you all to do my work for me. I will be grateful for any info you already know though.


Posted: Thu Aug 16, 2007 5:46 pm
by Kilkis
Hotels tend to fall into two categories: only open for the tourist season or open all year. There might be a small variation in when the first category open and close for the season but not very much. There are plenty of the second category.

When it comes to independent holiday villas and apartments, I am pretty sure most owners would be only too glad to get some extra rental outside the main tourist season. Depending on exactly what time of year you come, you need to be a little bit careful since some holiday lets are not really built to be comfortable in winter. I think the only time you might have trouble finding accommodation without booking well in advance is July and August. As well as being the peak season for UK holidaymakers it is also when all Greeks go on holiday and most go to an island.