UK sending any aid to Greece?

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Postby paulh » Tue Aug 28, 2007 4:31 pm

Just some points which may be generalisations but still can be valid as generalisations

Greeks tend to be "a particular party" people, they remember well what their party did and what the other party did. Crete is nearly 100% PASOK in terms of elected parliamentary

Greeks also tend to vote even at national level, for what was done for them in their area unlike the UK where party line is more likely to be followed

The area devastated because it was forest will not have had a very high voting headcount

The Greek electoral system changes for the first time and if votes are cast as in 2004 then ND will lose one seat and PASOK 6 seats so PASOK have a five seat defecit to make up just to stay as they are.

The voting system gives the winning party 40 seats clear anyway so the number of elected seats is not so relevant as in the UK and less chance of a hung parliament.

Opinion polls are not allowed within 2 weeks of an election so none after Sunday. I half caught one today and cannot say how representitive it was but it implied that ND had lost 0.8% points (against when I cannot say could have been the same poll last week or last election in 2004).

( edit...that was a misunderstanding it's that their lead is below 1% at 0.8% over PASOK according to an opinion poll taken today/yesterday )
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Postby Muttly » Tue Aug 28, 2007 4:32 pm

So I suppose the two main parties will be blaming each other and its looks like the Communist Party is firing shots at everyone them. Wonderful thing politcs.

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