Help needed for Annimal Charity

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Help needed for Annimal Charity

Postby Alyn » Fri Jul 10, 2015 8:47 pm

Hi Guys
Please can you help us get a place for these two dogs, could you please advertise on Brits in Crete Living on Crete etc

These two lovely sisters, Lucy and Ruby 14mths old are looking for some kind person to foster them before they can be re-homed abroad. As they have only had each other at the end of a chain for company, when they are free they are totally dependent on each other. When they go abroad they will be re-homed separately so they need to gain confidence to be on their own before they travel.

They are staying in the village of Alikampo close to Vrysess.. Their owner is keeping their mother (who is now neutered) and he managed to rehome 7 of their siblings. Sadly he was unable to find homes for the last 2. So now they are chained up in a basement. Two volunteers who live nearby felt so sorry for them and have now undertaken to relieve their boredom by taking them for daily walks and checking on their food and water. They also arranged to have them neutered, fully vaccinated and micro chipped. These dogs are fully grown now, heights Lucy 40 cm and Ruby is 50 cm, so they are going to stay small.

We would also be very happy if someone here would consider ADOPTING one or both of these dogs, to avoid having to put them through the stress of traveling abroad. They are lead trained, good in the car and have been to many car boot sales with the volunteers who are desperately trying to re-home them.

We appreciate that there are so many dogs on the streets looking for homes, but we have made a commitment to try our very best to help Lucy and Ruby to give them a life they deserve.

Please contact us if anyone can help out in anyway.

Rita tel no.6979148652 email
Clodagh tel. no 6945170226 email

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