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Anti spammer tests

Postby paulh » Thu Nov 19, 2009 8:29 pm

For new members registering on the forum we carry out 2 simple anti spammer tests using Google or the like to try catch spammers before they get on the board.

These anti spammer tests have been needed to stop spammers for most of the life of the board they are not new.

Just so it is clearly understood exactly what checks are made on all new starters to the board. They are spam checked purely to stop the increasingly clever ways spammers register as normal users then spam the board.

Username is checked against the database on . If the name is found and the source is a known spamming country it gets deleted usually before they have chance to activate their membership.

The username is checked against Google and then checked a second time through a raft of Search Engines using a program called Telescope. If they are found and they have joined 15 or more totally varying forums in say a day look at their entries and if all more or less identical then delete their membership here. Real people don’t act that way.

All of the above is non technical and anyone can do it.

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