Cretan Adventure part 1 starts Wednesday 4th. July

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Cretan Adventure part 1 starts Wednesday 4th. July

Postby andheath » Wed Jul 04, 2007 12:43 am

This is an auspicious occasion and I hope we can live with the level of expectation, well we will see.

I had a long chat with T tonight regarding this unexpected privilege awarded to us by Big C. With, I must say, little prompting on our part. It wasn't easy because he was in the midst of meetings on site with architects etc. relating to his latest restaurant development in Cyprus, but he did say he had managed to pick up a few Euros and some toothpaste so he should be ok for the flight today.

Now I think, seeing as though we have our own board it is only fair to give a bit of background, for those unsuspecting readers who are not up to speed with all this, so, the story so far...........

Heather (H) and Andy (me) having done a number of renovations in Scotland we now have a need of some sunshine. Love Cyprus but too done, too concrete and too Brit. Looked around and picked Crete, never been, who cares, decided to go East, less done, less concrete and less Brit. Might be mad but so what if we don't like it then we just move on.

The plan: find a place to rent, move, look around, buy a pile of stones, renovate, enjoy life. It really is that simple because the key is, H and I don't worry about anything, never have, just enjoy the adventure. I have said it before but you really are a long time dead.

Meanwhile, my best pal T, who used to live next door to us in Scotland and stole a sink out of my garden, well he has had a tough old time, his partner ran off with a Korean Gynaecologist, the tabloid press tried to ruin his career for something he never did with Pizza and a Russian Gymnast and he has had a very traumatic weight loss. Anyway he says "Crete why not, I will come with you".

So that's about it. T arrives today oh and I think he has decided to book into a hotel and wait till I get there Thursday before we head off to Sitia. We have a s**t load of rentals to look at and some wonderful people to meet.

Keep you posted. Luv ya loads Big C
This Cretan Adventure thing is way beyond a joke.

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Postby Phaedra » Wed Jul 04, 2007 8:45 pm

Bring it on!

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well done guys

Postby Pirateprincess » Wed Jul 04, 2007 8:55 pm

keep your spirits up i'll be watching your story and if you guys make i'll be out there after you... ps i got an email from that guy in hersonissos hoorah.....alls good...hoping to be out there in hersonissos....perhaps meet up...
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Postby Carolina » Wed Jul 04, 2007 10:55 pm

Should we be worried? It's nearly midnight in Crete on T's first day and no sightings yet. Did he pick up the donkey at the airport ? Did he get to his hotel or drive (the donkey ?) to Sitia or is he just in a bar somewhere??
Oh the suspense.

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Postby raph » Thu Apr 09, 2009 6:43 am

Where were you in Cyprus?
How do you find Crete after Cyprus?

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