Electricity bills: a few tips

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Electricity bills: a few tips

Postby annabanana » Tue Apr 02, 2013 3:31 pm

Electricity bills: a few tips
Hi I found this on some news page. Is this true?

Just a quick word about your electricity bills. I have spoken more than once about the fact that the new property tax will be added to your electricity bill, so if you have yours on a debit order, do make sure you have enough cash in the bank to cover this!

Also it may be a good idea to retain your electricity bills for up to SIX YEARS if you are not resident at your home in Greece. Evidently your accountant may require this to prove to the tax authorities that you are not overstaying your non-residential welcome, and also to ensure that the property is not being illegally rented out. Just what happens if you allow friends or family to stay remains a bit of a mystery to me!

What you may find useful to know is that the electricity company, DEH, has a special billing system that allows for long periods of absence by owners from their Greek holiday homes. Evidently you need to pay a visit to your local DEH customer service centre, meter reading in hand, before you plan to vacate the property. Inform them of your absence – I have been told that they will then calculate how much you will owe while away and that this will work out to be much less than if you were to just leave the house empty.

There is a phone number you can call: DEH Customer Service Hotline (from a landline phone) Tel: 10500. I would be really interested to know if you do try this and what the results are…I could then pass this info onto other OGC readers

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