Parcel Delivery Crete - Send Parcels From UK to Crete

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Do You Send Parcels From The UK to Crete

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Parcel Delivery Crete - Send Parcels From UK to Crete

Postby Parceldelivercrete » Sat Jul 22, 2017 2:08 pm

Hi Guys,

We wanted to introduce ourselves to you, we are Parcel Delivery Crete .

At the moment we provide shipping, parcel delivery services, house move services, import and export services and everything inbetween to do with shipping, sending and receiving parcels, packages and letters to and from Crete and the UK.

You can book in your parcels online to be collected and delivered, the prices are set and include full door to door delivery postal service.

We also have a UK address for your grocery orders, you can also rent a virtual address from us for your post to be sent to in the UK and we also provide you with an address for online shopping orders. Prices are the lowest on Crete and in the UK to send parcels to Crete for full door to door service.

Please check out our website and facebook page below and get in touch to ask us any questions,
Best Wishes
Parcel Delivery Crete
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Parcel Delivery Crete -
Facebook Page -

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Parcel Delivery Crete
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