Notaris strike

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Re: Notaris strike

Postby Kilkis » Thu Jan 16, 2020 5:36 pm

Hector wrote:...we got a 40-page contract when we bought the house and despite many years of Greek lessons/practice we have never been able to read it!...

Have you tried scanning the document and putting it through Google Translate? You will probably need to convert the pdf to a simple text document before copying and pasting into Google Translate but there are free online tools that will do that for you. It won't be perfect but if you have had a lot of Greek lessons you might be able to sort out the bits that get scrambled. If there are sections that are difficult then copy and paste short sections of text and Google Translate will give you options if you highlight words or phrases. It's a bit tedious but it is possible. I managed to do all my IKA Pension application documents myself and there were lots of them all in Greek. I got it over 95 % correct and my Greek is abysmal.


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