New Restaurant in NW Crete

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New Restaurant in NW Crete

Postby BrianS » Sat Sep 12, 2015 3:38 pm

This is just to share our experience of a recently opened restaurant “Chez Pardon” in Douliana run by a charming couple, Kris & Elfi Pardon. They are both accomplished chefs; the cuisine is Belgian/French pitched at a high level using the best ingredients and the table settings and prices reflect that; it will be open throughout the year. We went on their third day after opening with high expectations: everything was excellent… apart from the very, very, very slow service but we could see that it could become a special place once they improved the workflow. Just over two weeks later we returned last night for a second time to find that they have taken on extra staff, the food was again excellent and the service was, thankfully, paced perfectly. They are still finding their feet but the potential is there to establish a restaurant without equal on Crete.

Contact details:
Chez Pardon
Belgian - French Restaurant
Douliana Apokoronas
Tel: 28250 22777
Facebook: Chez Pardon

Douliana is a small village located between Kalyves and Vamos in NW Crete

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