There & back with Anna and Bob

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There & back with Anna and Bob

Postby bobscott » Tue Nov 10, 2015 9:01 am

Quite a few of you out there, we know, have the books of walks that we sell to raise money for the specialist school in Northwood, Middlesex, run by the RNIB and we continue to be grateful for your support. We have just sent another £400 to the RNIB, bringing our total now to a little over £7,300.

Anyone who has Book 2 (walks in the Kalyves area) please note that we have had to change the route in walk 4 (Kalyves - Armenoi - Kalyves). Towards the end of the walk the way has become completely overgrown and although 'do-able' we have found an alternative route which is easy to follow and eventually rejoins the original track.

Anyone who wants the update, please send me a pm and I will forward the new text to you (it's only 10 lines!). Thank you. Bob.
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