> Culture and People
There is a contrast between town and
village life in Crete. Many villages still
retain the ' old ' way of life        
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> Greek Name Days
Name Days are celebrated in Crete and
Greece, as opposed to birthdays
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> Living in Crete - The Book

> Greek National Holidays
Bank Holiday dates for 2012 and 2013
in Crete and Greece
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>Greek Language
You can survive in Crete without speaking
Greek, but if you live here you will want to
learn the language                     
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Greek Life
> About Living in Crete
Life in Crete, cost of living in Crete,
retiring in Crete, about this website.
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>Latest News in Crete
Crete and Greece news, regularly
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> Christmas in Crete & Greece
Epiphany covers the twelve days of
Christmas, from Christmas Day through
New Year to Epiphany on 6th January.  
More about Christmas and New Year in
Crete & Greece                         
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> Winter In Crete & Greece
October sees the last charter flights
going back to the UK and Europe and
from November to March Crete returns to
its old rhythms of life                
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> Carnival/Apokries

Carnival in Greece  .... celebration ... a
chance to escape everyday monotony
and enter into a world of party, fantasy,
jinks and 'kefi'  (high spirits)      
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> Easter in Crete & Greece
Greek Easter in Crete is celebrated with
many local customs and traditions.
Easter  - 'Paska' is the most important
holiday in Greece, and in the Greek
Orthodox Church                      
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Chania Old Town
Living in Crete guide book
Living in Crete
Greek Life
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Living in Greece
Learn about Greek and Cretan cultural traditions, etiquette, the people and language -
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