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Living in Greece - Greek Life
Living in Greece, Cretan & Greek life, about
living in Greece & the cost of living 2014
, retiring in Crete. People, customs
and language.  Easter, Apokries, Carnival,
Christmas, National Holidays, Name Days,
winter in Crete. Live in Greece

About Crete
Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and  
offers an incredible range of attractions

Long term rent, short term rentals, rental
prices. Utilities, DEH electricity, water

Buying Property in Crete & Greece
Buying property tips and information, pitfalls,
buy to let, holiday rental EOT licence. Illegal
structures - legalising (new)

Settling In
Working in Crete,  finding a job, owning a
business, starting a business in Crete,
schools in Crete. International foreign
community - support and making friends.
Expats, Brits in Crete. Culture shock. Driving
in Crete

Red Tape
The easy English guide to residence
certificates, permits, tax, AFM tax number,
IKA, unemploment benefit, importing a car


Health Services
Health & Medical treatment, Hospitals,


Living in Crete - The Book
A detailed one- stop survival manual no long
or short term resident, property investor,
worker or traveller in Crete or Greece should
leave home without!

General Information
Crete Travel, Getting Married in Crete, Wills,
Bereavement, Links, photographs
Crete & Greece Information.
Living and Working in Crete - Live and
Work in Crete

Based on over twenty years experience
of living and working on the island of
Crete, this website and the Living in
Crete book aim to answer many of the
questions about Cretan traditions, Greek
traditions, living, working, retiring or
buying property in Crete

Impartial information for EU citizens on
moving to Crete. Living and working in
Crete, Greece. Retiring to Crete, buying
property, Expats in Crete,  
accommodation, long term rent, buying
to let in Crete,  employment, finding a
job, renting property, IKA,  schools,
importing a car, bureaucracy, learning
Greek, Cretan culture and lifestyle.. .   
just a few of the things you may be
wondering about the life in Crete and
the Greek Islands if you intend to live or
work here.

The Living in Crete book is a valuable
resource giving in-depth and detailed
information -  all that you need to know
before and after a move to Crete or a
property purchase - packed with
information, advice, tips, useful local
addresses, telephone numbers and
links. Don't leave home without it!

Your feedback, comments or suggestions
are welcome, and if you have any
questions about Living in Crete you can
ask on the

Updates, new links and resources are
continually being added to the site, while
the news page is regularly updated, so
check back again soon.

         Carol Palioudaki
Living in Crete guide book

"Living in Crete
A Guide to Living, Working,
Retiring and Buying Property
in Crete "
by Carol Palioudakis

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Living in Crete
Updated 13th September 2014
Crete Information. Living and Working in Crete and Greece
Κρήτη   Wohnen auf Kreta  Brits in Crete Vivendo in Creta  Viver em Creta  Britsincrete  el Vivir en Kreta  Het Leven in Kreta  
Bo i Kreta  Vie en Crete,    Κρήτη
Brits in Crete,
Living in Crete  Κρήτη   Wohnen auf Kreta   Vivendo in Creta   britsincrete    Viver em Creta    el Vivir en Kreta   Brits in Crete    Het Leven in Kreta    Kriti,  Bo i Kreta  
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