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Greek Language - Learn Greek

You can survive in Crete without speaking Greek, but if you live on the island and wish to integrate you
will want to learn to speak Greek.  You'll soon pick up words and phrases in the first weeks and
months, however becoming fluent in Greek will take much longer.

The majority of fluent Greek speaking foreigners are those married to, living or working with Greeks,
which suggests that the best way to learn the language is through total immersion
. Many
English/foreign couples find it more difficult to learn the language as contact and interaction with locals
is usually  limited, and the Greek friends made in the beginning will probably be those who speak good

A good grasp of Greek grammar is also very important in learning the language, and of course there is
a whole new alphabet to learn (although learning the Greek alphabet is not so difficult as it may first

Learn Greek in Crete

Free Greek Classes in Crete
Free Greek classes are available at various times throughout the year for EU residents and legal
immigrants in  towns in Crete, organised through
Κ.Ε.Ε. - Κέντρα Εκπαίδευσης Ενηλίκων, the Greek
Centre for Adult Education.

Contact KEE in the following areas for details and enrollment:

Kriari 40 – Megaro Pantheon (1st Floor – Office 2)
1866 square
Tel . 2821072707
Fax: 2821072707

Dionysiou 13A
Nea Alikarnassos
Tel: 2810244500

Agios Nikolaos
Xirokambos (2nd Gymnasium)
Tel. 2841025719
Fax: 2841025719

Plateia Pigi – Arkadi
Tel. 2831071454
Fax: 2831071454

Other Greek language courses and classes in Crete

Courses in Rethymno and Heraklio University
Greek for beginners and intermediate courses.

Filomathia Language School Armeni (near Kalyves) Apokoronas, Chania.
Provide a number of Greek language courses for residents and visitors

Lexis - Greek Language and Culture Centre
Greek for beginners, intermediate and advanced classes.
48 Daskalogianni St

KLEIS - Workshop for Greek Language & Culture
Provide various Greek language courses,
Knossou 18b,

My Greek Seminars
Greek language learning in Heraklion or online.

Useful Links - Online Greek learning

  • Interesting & useful articles and tips for language learning can be found on the website  
    Language Tutoring

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